Easter Services / No Other Name 2016

This coming Friday (25th), there is a Good Friday Service at CCCO starting at 10am. It will be a quiet time to reflect on Jesus’ last words as we begin to celebrate Easter.

Following that is No Other Name at the Metropolitan Bible Church (2176 Prince of Wales Drive), which starts at 1:30pm and goes until 10:30pm. There will be drivers leaving from CCCO after the morning service if you need a ride. I will aim to be there around 1pm to hand out your entrance bracelets. My phone number will be in the email, and posted on Facebook if you have trouble finding me. As we will be at No Other Name, there is NO YF THIS FRIDAY. And if you haven’t paid me yet, remember to bring your money on Friday!

On Sunday (27th), there is an Easter Baptismal Service starting at 10am. Come out to celebrate as Michelle and Vivian will be baptized then!

Finally, Ouje applications are due this Sunday (27th). You can either give me a hard copy this weekend or email it to me. If you need an extension, please come talk to me.

See you soon!